update on my webcomic and stuff

I’m working on number of things so I need to prioritized, because I want to do more including  toys, but I need to try to reconfigure some cheap knockoff toys to get back into modeling and sculpting.

If you want to know what I’m working on, I can just tell you.

!. I’m working on another webcomic name DEADHUNTER over at Tapas.io.

It’s a “manga” style webcomic about an afterlife retrieval specialist named Jonee Von Bon. I’m not use to draw in that manner of sequential art so my art is lacking, I’m progressing as I go.

2. I’m working on animation, Specially one cartoon short named FIGHTER JACK  you can see a test for the character here.

3. I also work on digital art for my stores and just for fun. my deviant art gallery.

4. I’m trying to finish a stage /diorama for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ 80’s Michelangelo.

Among all this I’m trying to keep up with this webcomics my comic/manga readings and tv shows (western animation, anime, live action, etc)

If you go throw this link you will see my best sellers on Teepublic 



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