I don’t like the new Thundercats.

I haven’t seen it, and it maybe the funniest show on world, but yet it’s not Thundercats.

My problem is not the artists, it’s the trend.

They could have gone the way of Voltron. they created a great show the keeps the impotent part from the original and build upon it.

But no, instead of trying a new reboot, they decided to make it a comedy for little kids.

I feel sorry to all the fans and original creators, that they took a show that had substance for the 80’s, had a heart, a story, a universe and morph it, to a children show.

I thought that the time of thinking animation is for children has pass. it seems I was wrong.

When you have shows like Steven Universe or Star vs the forces of evil, that are comedic, specially the latter but yet they have something to say.

When you have  “Avatar the last airbender” and the “Legend of Korra”, Young Justice and all of DC animated library (not Teen Titan or Teen Titan Go) that show you can do cartoons with substance that won’t shame a live action show.

I think Bruce Timm said on Batman the animated series: “animation is a medium not a genre”

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