134.blackout- It’s a blackout, what caused it? well , how puts an electric box to a secret lair, outside and so low to the ground that animals can pee on it.

comic strip 134.blackout came while I had a blackout and now one could tell me why.

later it was discovered that an idiot contractor dug a little too deep and in the wrong place.


134.blackout, I’m on comic 134, and I’m writing these line for better seo, no real intention just need to write about 200 words to reach the best result 300.

As I write this line I need only 70 more words. it’s strange that what I couldn’t do in high school to elaborate on things I need to do it here for better results.

I’ll continue to babel on for a few more words, I can just hit on a few keys or copy a text from somewhere, maybe Shakespeare, or a script or lyrics.

three more words.

Please vote, no registration needed.


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