I’m on a break,

that’s why I didn’t post new comics in over a week or made a new speed drawing video.

I will post two new comics or more in the next week.


While I’m on a break, I’m working on a short cartoon name FIGHTER JACK.

All info about it will be posted on my Patron for supporters of all level (I have only one).

I’m hopping throw Patron I could replace my old Wacom Intuos a3 for a Wacom Cintiq.

In Patron I will show all the development work I’ll do + a short synopsis.

I’ll post art for the cartoon¬† (design work, sketches, discarded ideas, etc) and test animation.

I’m trying to make the cartoon in a #tradigital way (Traditional+Digital).

Animation will be hand drawn, scanned and digitally fixed if need and inked and colored.

I’ll try to post some of the keyframe animation.

I have a second youtube channel with some animation I played around with.

In other news I passed 500 subs in my speed drawing channel (it took almost 5 years).

I have also a new design in my stores.

tot bagKOMA, a cute little sketch bear.

the picture is from my Redbubble store (click the image), but all my stores have this design.

Enjoy,  check my Stores and my Youtube channel, and please share and subscribe to the rss feed.










If you read this, it is a waste of time. I’m only writing this to fill the 300 word recommendation for better seo. as I’m writing this I need 50 more words.

I could just click on some random keys, like a loon but some one will notice and tell me about that so I would fix it.

Yay, 25 more words, hopping this sentence will be the last.

just 5 more damn words.